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Originally Posted by Pkcore View Post
I think you mean for every 100B exp., not every 100M exp.

Also to put your shop prices in perspective, you're saying a GoldenMew would need 100 nuggets so you will need to train 10T exp. to get those 100 nuggets. Hobo's roster, which is the #1 ranked team, has a total sum of around 8T exp. That means based on the current team rankings, someone will have to train enough to take over the title of having the #1 ranked team and train an additional 2T exp. before they've trained enough to get a GoldenMew. Or simply, train a level 10,000 10 times. That's way too demanding don't you think? D: I don't train so it won't affect me either way, just giving my unbiased opinion. Also a problem with rewarding based on total experience trained rather than reaching a certain level is that unless Shrimpy has access to data on how much total experience has been trained on every account, trainers will not be credited for the training they've done to date as the total experience count would start at 0 for everyone if this update were to come out. But if that data is available then ignore that last part.
Yeah; its a B not a M. Got mixed up, pardon that.

I don't think the focus is to solely record the exp trained; but rather, but to dedicate value to high leveled Pokemon to reward trainers who own such high leveled Pokemon, bearing in mind that the trade cap is 4499. Therefore the nugget is awarded each time a high leveled Pokemon is turned in, based on the exp possessed by that Pokemon. Its not awarded based on the exp trained in person by a particular trainer. Rather, its the high-levels in possession of a trainer. This also means that 4499s and other high levels will become more valuable in terms of trading.

Numberswise, those were just arbitrary figures. Could probably be refined to something like 40 Nuggets (4T exp) for GoldenMew, 15 Nuggets for the Golden SoJs, 5 Nuggets for GoldenJangmo-o and 1 Nugget for ShinyJangmo-o :p

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