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Originally Posted by Gin.A View Post
Yeah; its a B not a M. Got mixed up, pardon that.

I don't think the focus is to solely record the exp trained; but rather, but to dedicate value to high leveled Pokemon to reward trainers who own such high leveled Pokemon, bearing in mind that the trade cap is 4499. Therefore the nugget is awarded each time a high leveled Pokemon is turned in, based on the exp possessed by that Pokemon. Its not awarded based on the exp trained in person by a particular trainer. Rather, its the high-levels in possession of a trainer. This also means that 4499s and other high levels will become more valuable in terms of trading.

Numberswise, those were just arbitrary figures. Could probably be refined to something like 40 Nuggets (4T exp) for GoldenMew, 15 Nuggets for the Golden SoJs, 5 Nuggets for GoldenJangmo-o and 1 Nugget for ShinyJangmo-o :p
Oh sorry I think I misread a part of your post because I was reading your suggestion and you said this:
"The idea is to reward hardcore trainers. That's a good idea and I support it. However the fixation should not be on a magical number "10,000" itself, but more so based on the experience trained."

So I was like okay that's a nice thesis, reward trainers who put in the time in general regardless of what level their Pokemon is, by basing it on experience trained instead. And my thoughts on that was that it would be a good suggestion if experience trained on an account is already being recorded, otherwise trainers wouldn't be credited for the training they've done to date.

But I see now I misread something and that your suggestion is to actually turn in levels but instead of only being able to turn in a level 10,000, be able to turn in any level that has 100B exp. or more to get the corresponding amount of nuggets. But now what I'd point out is that this conflicts with the opening statement from the quote above where you said "The idea is to reward hardcore trainers." Because based on your numbers, a level 4642 will have 100B+ exp. and get me a nugget, so you're saying I can trade for a level 4500 which someone else put the effort to train up and only add 142 levels to it and get a nugget for it?

I think maybe a good way to go about it would be to combine your suggestion and the original suggestion by having rewards for reaching various level milestones.

For example:
5,000 => DarkHo-Oh
7,500 => DarkMew
10,000 => ShinyMew
12,500 => GoldenHo-Oh
15,000 => GoldenMew

Additionally, I think these should be one time rewards just for having a Pokemon of the specified level or above rather than turning them in. I think these should be additional incentives to train and after training so hard to end up with a really high level Pokemon, I wouldn't want to see someone lose the Pokemon they put so much time into to train up.
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