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Quick Power Hour Guide for those that wish to make the most of the ~100 points per battle during power hours:

Power Hour Times (each weekend):
-Team TPPC: 1-2AM/PM and 7-8AM/PM
-Team Rocket: 2-3AM/PM and 8-9AM/PM
-Team Magma: 3-4AM/PM and 9-10AM/PM
-Team Aqua: 4-5AM/PM and 10-11AM/PM
-Team Galactic: 5-6AM/PM and 11-12AM/PM

Power Hour Battle Guide:

6x ShinySwampert (Lvl 100+) (normal Swampert or even Giratina work well here too)
Item: Leftovers (Elemental Stone on one if you have it)
Moves: Glare, Earthquake, Ice Ball

ShinyLuxray - Glare + Earthquake
ShinyAmpharos - Glare + Earthquake
ShinyElectivire - Glare + Earthquake
ShinyZapdos - Glare + Ice Ball
ShinyRaikou - Glare + Earthquake
For those wanting to just battle the level 2 throughout the week (quickest way to gain points on a weekday), this is the guide i used to use:

Power Plant Level 2:

GoldenGarchomp (Normal works too)
Item: Elemental Stone (Life Orb works, but you might want to use 2 normal Garchomp incase. If not, leftovers)
Moves: Earthquake

Literally just spam Earthquake on them all;
Now you have the top sekret TR guide to PP success i expect to see this challenge aced by the community ;p
Lets get it!
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