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  1. Shiva
    03-02-2021 02:05 AM
    Complete A Trade
    The trade was completed successfully!
    Enjoy your new Pokémon!

    Enjoy, they my babies. baby meatballs. Fresh frozen. Now yours to treasure. Cheers.
  2. Shiva
    03-02-2021 01:49 AM
    yup that's right. 37 in total.
  3. Shiva
    03-02-2021 12:58 AM
    OK, did not know that bulb was lv4. Create to 3262253 for all the spheals :-)
  4. Shiva
    03-02-2021 12:26 AM
    you good fam, held off on trades cuz i want this to go through smoothly. get back to me when you can. also, i trust you on the squirt/bulb rates now after consulting with a couple of trusted friends.

    btw, let me know what their levels are when you can, please.
  5. Shiva
    03-01-2021 08:56 PM
    Oh looks like I misunderstood, I thought you were putting each of bulb and squirtle at a ray individually, not combined.

    Err, ok. I guess that makes more sense now. Got any small-ish base golds you can add to the heap to sweeten the deal?
  6. Shiva
    03-01-2021 05:18 AM
    My goal is to get 2x base golds for each spheal I started out with (46). Btw I only have 37 left now, I've traded quite a few to folks over the last few days at decent prices.

    Also, between you and me a lot of people will publicly trash talk this set but when it was first being hoarded spheals were doing pretty well - a lot of people still want this but they have all prefer offering privately instead of saying it out in the open lol.
  7. Shiva
    03-01-2021 05:14 AM
    I still feel you're a bit short and I want to get the most out of this as I will be spending a lot of time downgrading these pokemon later. If you can send me a handful of smallish base golds with the big guys I'd be super tempted to trade the entire set as once.

    Lemme know what you can do.
  8. Shiva
    03-01-2021 12:52 AM
    Ah apologies, I enquired beforehand and was told 1kx in discord for each before offering, so sorry if that number was off for you.

    What would you be comfortable with? If I stretch myself I can see myself doing 30, but I'll definitely be taking a hit on my end value wise.

    Just to give you an idea of what I value the spheals, here's what I've managed to trade for them just in the past couple of days: https://forums.tppc.info/showthread.php?t=624248

    Individually they're respectably valued, although admittedly a bit harder to trade, which I'm already factoring into the offer. This is the only active set you'll find mind you.
  9. Shiva
    02-28-2021 03:24 PM
    Hmm, I can do that. How about:

    GoldenSpheal ♂ 500
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 500
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 250
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 380
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 113
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 106
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 28
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 55
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 37
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 153
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 666
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 38
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 273
    GoldenSpheal ♂ 600

    GoldenSpheal ♂ 500
    GoldenSpheal ♀ 56

    GoldenSpheal ♂ 500
    GoldenSpheal ♀ 29

    GoldenSpheal ♂ 500
    GoldenSpheal ♀ 1,337

    GoldenSpheal ♂ 500
    GoldenSpheal ♀ 80

    GoldenSpheal ♂ 500
    GoldenSpheal ♀ 29

    GoldenSpheal ♂ 444
    GoldenSpheal ♀ 321

    (total: 26)
  10. Shiva
    02-27-2021 08:58 PM
    Yup yup - was wrestling with some numbers and decided to increase my payout to factor their htt'ness into the equation

    I'll be happy to give you the same deal if you're interested. Also my bad was under the impression they were the same.

    I can do 32 spheals for ray and riolu.

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