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Unread 02-08-2018, 06:52 AM   #26
kobk x RULES
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I’d like the idea of top 10 winning an item that acts as an Elemental Stone replica that can only be used for the tower, quite like the training challenge boost item that is rewarded through that challenge.

However Imo the item should only last a day, not a week. I think this would give more incentive and more of a challenge to place in the top 10 each day, because let’s be honest most days there isn’t even 10 people doing it to place in the top 10....

There are definitely ways of improving speed tower from its current state. Making it fair for everyone, however, would be a challenging task. No matter what changes are made I’m sure at least 1 person will have an issue with it lol.

Short term I feel the introduction of the “Battle Stone” (copyright that ;]) would be a good idea.
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Unread 02-08-2018, 09:17 AM   #27
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Originally Posted by reyga View Post
Here's my argument against removing timing in speed tower if you're interested:
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My argument against making it a first come first serve thing is it defeats the idea of "monthly" and "weekly" alltogether. It becomes a first of the month, sunday affair. Then you start having arguments like "we have busy lives", "sunday is a time for family", "why not just make it a saturday thing" and all that crap. Really hard to accommodate everyone lol.

The thing is, tppc is a text-based game, and the general public(I would imagine over 75%) has access to good enough internet to support it, enough that 50s records should be no problem. Even with 5mbps at my parents place which speed test described below the 75th percentile speed-wise, I was able to consistently score 47-55s last summer. Even darryl could get 45s on 47 move records when he was grinding it and having been to the philippines(where darryl is from, and so was I years ago) in august, internet there sucks, and it's not exactly the best location to be for tppc, considering, I assume, servers are in north america.

It's also evident from alpha and mewtwo's records that decent time is obtainable by most people who currently participate. The biggest difference between them and me is most likely:
1.)experience and mouse speed/programability(I have mine at exactly 1475 dpi when doing speed tower for consistency).
2.)and I'm not really sure they are consistently trying to get 39 and good time like I am. I think Mewtwo is still using the earthquake-giga strategy which is more consistent for 41 moves, although capable of 39 and 40 on very specific lineups with very taxing rngs, while beerus is sticking to his rayquaza(I think) to score 42-45.

The point I want to make is that, internet should not be a problem for your average gamer. The root problem is still the fact that the average gamer isn't even in the contest. I think before making drastic changes to how the tower works, we should fix the main issue, which is, the average player can't compete against Elemental stone.

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I mean, I was still the first to 40 moves this month so unless you remove elemental stone it wouldn't really affect me, generally speaking.

Now, this is where I point you back to my above Idea of making elemental stone replicas for speed tower=P And don't forget to read the disclaimer!

Additional disclaimer:
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I've practiced arguing against anything anyone says without saying it out loud and the sole reason I do that here is because I believe it helps advance the flow of ideas. I think it's an engineering thing.

Yeah, to validate for what reyga said here, I still stick to my rayquaza, and have easily reached 51s as my best time. I do support that it's possible, as far as the time factor is concerned.

As far as elemental stone aspect, yes, it does give an incredible advantage, I'd definitely support the idea of making an elemental stone replica, with suitable boosts, for everyone to get an equal opportunity.
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