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Default TPPC Forum Ideas Guide & Conduct

Original Thread by Archived Mod

TPPC Forum Ideas Guide

In this guide the ideas that are acceptable and reasonable will be shown in this guide. This guide has been planned and thought of thoroughly and hope that you will gain knowledge through it on how your TPPC ideas should be shown.

Table of Contents

I: Child Friendly

II: Bandwith

III: Convenient to the RPG/The Benefits

IV: Respecting Others Ideas

V: Proper Conduct


When we say child friendly ideas this is because this website is based for children thus it needs to be clean. No links to adult sites. Rude/Bad language, this applies through out the entire RPG as a whole. Also there are age limits so asking for casino type games will not be allowed as only certain age groups are allowed in casinos anyway and TPPC will NOT promote gambling on the site. Also there are many other things that will not be allowed and you should pretty much guess what they are.


Originally Posted by Wikipedia
In website hosting, the term "bandwidth" is often used metaphorically, to describe the amount of data that can be transferred to or from the website or server, measured in bytes transferred over a prescribed period of time. This can be more accurately described as "Monthly Data Transfer."
Web hosting companies often quote a monthly bandwidth limit for a website, for example 500 gigabytes per month. If visitors to the website download a total greater than 500 gigabytes in one month, the bandwidth limit will have been exceeded.
That is a breeth definition of Bandwith so as you can see the ideas cannot take up to much. Such ideas as

Live Battles
These will not be allowed and Shrimpys server has asked him not to use this at anytime or for any reason. Hense they will not be allowed. So those ideas are out of the question. Also I’m sure you can use your inissiative as to what will take up alot and what will not. As you can imagine and already know that we have over one million users (Not all active) but it takes up a lot of space already.


Okay about your ideas.

When planning out your ideas they should include:
Title: If needed

How it will work:

The Benefits to the RPG and community:

And also any other information that is Relevant

Also this must be convenient so asking for something like…

Easier levelling/Easier ways top beat the legend
And things of that agenda will just been seen as a spam as it is known that those threads are not allowed. Posting also about the new corporal item on Team Stats will also been seen as spam as it is not allowed. The moderators and Shrimpy are working on so be patient, failure to abide to this will result in a longer wait.


Now people post ideas to get them put into the RPG…Telling people that their ideas suck and things of such are not allowed. I agree yes you are entitled to your opinion of the given idea but should not give people a hard time if you don’t like their idea. Respect is what you give them. Comment on how it can be improved and add to the idea if necessary.

NOTE: The RPG needs the imagination of children and so give your ideas, even if they are not put in. This is your RPG and have your say. The moderators respect your view and will try their hardest to make your gaming experience as fun as possible.

By LooN A TicK
Trainer 702845

Ideas and Original Idea by king killa


Originally posted by Darkheart
Lately, I've been growing tired of the attitudes and conduct of some of the users in this forum.
I hope that you can read this, realize what you're doing, and try to stop doing it.

First off, simply posting 'no' or 'yes' to an idea without saying why does not help anyone.
If you back up your thought with reasoning, it is much more useful and makes you come off a lot better.
An addition to this?
It is NOT acceptable to come in here simply to call other people "lazy" or accuse them of things or call them names.
If you don't like an idea because it makes TPPC "too easy" then state that and explain.
If you don't like an idea for another reason, explain.
Don't come in here just accusing people and slinging names around.

Also, behave yourselves, honestly.
Lately there have been some of you that have been doing nothing but starting flamewars, baiting each other, patronizing each other, and being otherwise hostile, rude, and acting in ways that are uncalled for just because you don't agree with something someone posted. I don't care if it's your idea, or if you're someone replying to someone elses idea. Do it respectfully, do it logically, and DON'T POST if you can't say anything decent. Bans can and will be put into place if the flaming and namecalling gets out of hand, and at the least, I will lock or delete all or most of the offending thread.

If you can't keep it civil keep it off TPPC.

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