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Young Hawk
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Default Impossible (and possible) Ideas. READ THIS BEFORE YOU SUGGEST SOMETHING.

Originally Posted by Archived Mod/Gerald
1. Real Time Battles
They're impossible due to the fact, they eat up ALOT more bandwidth than they're worth, and the server Shrimpy is hosted on even asked him not to use Real time battles, at anytime, for any reason.

2. Battle Animations
Again, it just isn't worth the bandwidth it would take up.
(What's Possible: Animated sprites, however, were possible and have been implemented across our RPG!)

3. Training Centers
They're impossible largely due to the fact it would just make the game too easy. Yes, their in the GB/C/A/SP games and all, but that's only because sometimes leveling is harder to do then it is here. If you added that to the RPG, you'd have lvl 40000 pokemon in less then a year. Furthermore, there already are Blissey Gyms largely made by users, which form the core of training.

4. Obtaining Pokemon
Particularly, Goldens. Refrain from suggesting new golden promos on Golden Days (i.e. what you think should be goldenized), or the introduction of any other Goldens in game. Shrimpy should have no trouble anchoring this element.
(What's Possible: It's possible though to suggest technically feasible and well-contemplated ideas to obtain a Pokemon that has yet to be introduced in the RPG. This includes suggesting a challenge, a quest, or a battle tower through which this novel Pokemon can be unlocked. If well-elaborated upon, Shrimpy might review them.)

6. Promos and Status
DO NOT suggest promos, or new statuses (Crystal, Ruby, Dark etc would all be ideas of statuses)

7. No Music Ideas
Music just wastes too much bandwidth, and would more then likely add lag into the RPG for anyone that doesn't have a T3 Connection or better.

8. Moves
Don't suggest any moves of which you wish to see in the RPG, they will be added in due time, unless they're not in the games, then they will not be added at all. Some moves were also deliberately omitted to prevent glitches or exploitation.

9. Forums
Please do not suggest forums, they will be added when a need for them is deamed great enough.

10. Do Not Suggest Changes in Promo Mechanics
Do not suggest anything about promos, from changing what they are, to what day they come out. Don't suggest for Shiny or Dark versions of a Pokemon to become convertible during golden days as well - there might be rare exceptions to this rule, but Shrimpy will make the call himself.

11. Shiny Pokemons
Do not ask for Shiny pokemon to change colors like they used to. They stopped doing that for a reason.

12. Fake Pokemon
Do not suggest making up pokemon. The RPG will ONLY use those found in the games. We will not, at any time, use made up pokemon or "sprites" or whatever you yourself wish to call them.

13. Level Battle
Do not suggest being able to battle any pokemon at any level. Half the challenge of TPPC is finding something you want to battle that exists. In the games you can't just go around battling whatever you want unless you gameshark, even then depending on the code you will have to battle something in the level range of the area.

14. Referral Programs
No Referral Program. Too many problems that can arise with them such as massing accounts made by your own link etc.

15. Tournaments
No tournaments. They would have to be run off of real time battles to be worth anything, and as one of the ideas above states, not going to happen.

16. .gif images
No .gif images. This means no "What? <Enter poke here> is evolving! <Poke> has evolved into <Poke2>!" images/the like, as well as moving attack images, etc.

17. RPG Easier
No ideas to make the RPG Easier. "The battle towers are too hard, make them easier!" "Weaken the legend!" etc are all examples of this.
(What's Possible: If you wish to suggest a modification to an existing challenge, by adding a new dimension to it, or changing how certain battle systems work, it is possible to suggest them. Don't expect anything solid to be implemented off your ideas thread - but if you think you've got something new and possibly groundbreaking, it might be worth a try)

18. Pokemon Nicknames
No nickname ideas for pokemons, it won't work out.

19. Golden Swapping
Seriously, not going to happen. For one, if it did get added, all y'all would go 'qq! glodz r too comon'.
Last Edited: 4/7/15
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