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Unread 11-29-2009, 04:25 AM   #1
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Exclamation READ: Errors / Problems you do NOT need to report

1 - "I'm not getting my Activation Email!"
2 - "I've been hacked/scammed!"
3 - ""I was banned for no reason!!! plz help!!!"
4 - "why is tppc not loading??"

- "I'm not getting my Activation Email!" Read
If you aren't getting your Activation Email, you can manually activate it if 6 Hours have passed since you registered the account. More info on this is in the thread - HERE
- "I've been hacked/scammed!" Read
--- "I've been hacked!"
The word "Hacked" isn't USUALLY a good word to use here. It is more likely that you did one of the following: A. Gave your password away to someone else, B. Had an easily guessable password such as "password" or your nickname for a pass and someone just "happened" to try it, or C. You had some sort of account sharing happening in said account and the partner changed the pass.

Although there are also the cases where the password DOES happen to be gotten by another way besides the ways above, in which case, a mod can Rollback a password to a certain date when it was changed. Although, some proof of the account being yours is also needed. Also, a PM with your number, some description of the account, and have it LINKED. If you've been in school for enough time, I'm sure you've been asked to have something for school or you would take the consequences. My teachers have done it for a while in most of my years in school. I'm sure it will happen to you too. Its pretty much the same as that. If you don't have it linked, neither I or any other mod could tell if its definitely yours or not. Oh, I've heard this a few times. "What is the Password?". We mods cannot see your password (nor will we ever really need it) so no need to ask about it.

---"I've been scammed!"
Really? You REALLY got scammed? Once again, its not USUALLY a good word to use in this case, although it may. Usually, the case is, you were foolish enough to fall for it (Like, if the scam was training, its YOUR fault for trusting the person that you did. Usually, the people to trust are people who are well known and have linked accounts. Although, never assume they are totally safe and trust them with your rares.), and are now going to the mods to complain about the mistake YOU made that you ARE responsible for. No one will really help you in that case. Mods are NOT responsible for your mistakes with contests and training gyms. Although, same as before, there are the occasional times it isn't one of the above and could be called a "scam".
---"I've been banned for no reason!!!"
All bans are with reason, and any that are not will be dealt with by a super moderator or administrator. If you have questions concerning your bans, you must private message the staff member that has banned you. Who? The staff member THAT BANNED YOU. This person is the only one who can lift that ban legally, and any other staff is not allowed to touch it (unless the case that the moderator is banning unjustly, which, as told, will be dealt with accordingly). A good tip for confronting the staff member: go with a confident spirit, and do not attempt to flame or harass them. We will gladly assist you if you keep calm. Anyone that just comes in flaming us will just end up staying banned, leaving us with all the reason to leave it banned. Also, you want to help them with your situation as much as possible. Provide us with SOME information about your ban and anything you were doing that may have caused a misunderstanding. Finally, if you remain banned, don't argue or put down the staff member. We don't really care what you want to call us, we'll just ban you as we see put. Hope that helps with some of your bans. :)
---"why is tppc not loading??"
I don't get it. Someone asks this just about every day. But its (for the most part) the same reason. When TPPC goes down at 5:00 a.m., it is maintenance period. The RPG will go down for a few hours. But, it is not an important matter and always happens. If it does, however, crash for another reason, we will have to wait for Shrimpy to fix it. Maintenance is NOT anything unusual, it is daily and it is to update things on the RPG.

b. TPPC is down! When will it be back up!?"
In the event that the TPPC RPG server goes down and its NOT maintenance, you will have to wait until Shrimpy can come and fix the issue. The actual time that it takes for him to get on and fix it is unknown.
This is just to inform you on the errors and everything you don't need to post about since no one can really "change" anything about it. I will probably just lock threads about these after this and link you to this thread since they are not able to be helped. o.o

Feel free to PM me about errors that cannot be "helped with".

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