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  1. DeRozan
    02-19-2018 05:32 AM
    Go get a shiny Poochyena man, it's at least a lot cooler than Luvdisc lol. Mightyena is one of my favourites so I really hope I can find a shiny Poochyena, but I didn't find it during the event so rip. How are you liking Toronto (again)? :p And yeah, the weather system is a bit broken sometimes lol, I get inaccurate in-game weather too. XD
  2. DeRozan
    02-15-2018 10:35 PM
    Fair enough haha. I have no idea how the weather is over there, is it usually the same as Toronto, colder or slightly warmer, on average? Dude nice, congrats! I think I checked about 30-40 of them today just before my midterm and a lot more after I was done, in class, and on the train home, none lol. I found some Swablu, Duskull, Aron, and other potential shiny Pokémon but nothing, lmao. If only Luvdisc was actually something we could use. XD It's a nice addition to the collection though so congrats again. :)
  3. DeRozan
    02-13-2018 10:41 PM
    Oh, then we probably could've gone Pokémon hunting lol. There are a ton of spots in Toronto that people play, but the activity has taken a decline ever since the cold came so now there aren't too many people playing casually, mostly just raiders. I've never played in Toronto outside of school so that's probably even worse, but finding any place to play is as easy as doing a quick search on Reddit. :p And wut, shiny? I thought only their spawn rates were increased? Who said anything about a shiny? And shiny what lol?
  4. DeRozan
    02-13-2018 12:20 AM
    Wait nvm I'm a ******* it's reading week after this week wtf am I saying LOL. If my mom lets Ash and I come out I'm 100% down. Although I've never really played in Scarborough much, mostly just at school, so I don't know any of the popular areas. XD
  5. DeRozan
    02-13-2018 12:18 AM
    Pink Dragonair is majestic af, I would love to have that too. In fact, I want the whole evolutionary line in their shiny variants not only for the Dratini family, but for every shiny released so far. XD If it's on Tuesday from 2 to 5 PM, I have 3 classes all back to back for an hour LOL, but I might be able to skip the latter 2. And even if I did, I'd be all the way downtown at my school and there aren't really any popular spots there to play, maybe some at Union tho. I think the only double XP event I missed was Thanksgiving when the game first game out and this past community day since I wasn't home then, but other than that I've hit all of them. :p Congrats on the Rayquaza dude! Now for that 100% one.
  6. DeRozan
    02-12-2018 03:43 AM
    Oh that's on the 20th? Do you know if shiny Dratini was confirmed to be released or were those just rumours? Shiny Dragonite would be so badass so if the shiny variants are confirmed I'll actually go out and play lol, since that'd be next Tuesday and I'll be at school then. Is it going to be 2-5 PM again? If so, rip, I'm in class the whole time then. D: I'm level 35, almost 36 lol. I used to play a lot last January through August so I was able to get pretty high, but I've been stuck at level 35 for almost 6 months now lol. I just play cautiously making the most out of my Lucky Eggs by using them when there are double XP events so I get 4x XP from doing my mass evolutions. :p
  7. DeRozan
    02-11-2018 10:08 PM
    Ah I see. I've tried all sorts of things and have always failed too so I feel your pain. :p Just imagine the potential we'd have if we didn't have this procrastination problem. XD Only social norms tell you that you have to graduate in 4 years, but fk that. Everyone works differently and at their own pace so I agree, taking your time is good.

    If that was the case, they kinda ruined it with shiny Pikachu lol. But I guess their point may be that shiny Pokemon should only be released on special occasion, or at least their spawn rate should increase on those days so dedicated players get them and casuals don't. I was lucky enough to get my shiny Shuppet as it is, never expected a shiny Pikachu lol. And nice! I thought you were 35+ based on how much you play, but I guess that break really did slow you down. Congrats on the third Ray! Is this one 90%+? :p
  8. DeRozan
    02-11-2018 07:39 PM
    I wouldn't doubt that. I'm expecting you to be there one day! Hasn't it always been a goal of yours to reach Challenger at some point of your League career? :^) By the way, when did you start playing League anyway?

    I hope you two have fun! Ah, so your first priority for applying for a position is here in Toronto? Would you consider applying to places close to home? For me personally, whenever I start looking, I don't think I'd want to venture too far away from Toronto. Going to another province or possibly even the US isn't something I'd consider unless I seriously can't find a job and I'm nearing my late 20s, lol. That's after graduation though, but as for an internship, I'm not gonna bother looking too far away from home. As long as I can commute using the subway I'm good. How many summer courses do you normally take, and how many do you plan on doing this summer if the job position doesn't go well?

    How have you tried to break out of the procrastination habit? :p I've tried things like writing important shit down and keeping to a schedule that tells me when and how long I should be doing something school related, but it just doesn't work lol. My brain gives out after like 20 minutes of undistracted work, and at that point the intention is to take a quick 5 minute break and repeat, but that break is where the procrastination flourishes LOL. Don't get me wrong though - it's worked sometimes, especially when I have an assignment due in a few hours from the time I start, but when I want to be a diligent student and work ahead, it never happens lmao. This year was the first year I didn't buy textbooks for any of my classes because I spent so much on them last year and barely touched them (mostly because of procrastination), but I didn't find it too helpful even when I did use them, except for my calculus textbook since that was the only source I could attempt relevant practice problems lol. For all my other classes, I hardly touched them. At the end of the day, they were a big waste of money that I don't even have in the first place so now I just look for pdf versions online if I can find them, and if not, gg. I would buy a textbook if it's absolutely mandatory, which is usually in math courses, but I've been lucky to find all of mine online so far for those courses, haha. For something like computer science, I'd reckon that there are probably a lot of core courses you'd need to take, so I'm kind of surprised you're able to squeeze in a lot of bird courses along with your core courses. :p I'm just a little extra and doing stats, math, and computer science, so there's a bunch of core courses I need to take, mostly logic and theory courses. That's why I need to have at least 1 bird course every semester or I'm going to lose my mind, and if I stuck with 6 last semester I may not even have been here today LOL. Being in school longer than other people is honestly no big deal. Most people I know (even some of the smartest people I've met) take at least 5 years to graduate. The thing I've realized is that you should take your time with graduating because no one is going to think any differently of you if you take longer than the 4 years that most people say you should be done by. I feel like those who graduate in 4 years are either geniuses, or just hate school so much they want to get it over with as fast as they can. I remember thinking in the summer of grade 12 that I was going to always take 5 courses (sometimes 6) during the year and take summer school every year so I can finish in 3 years. Fast forward a year and a half and my ass is only taking 3. XD No one cares. I'd like to delay the time before I start working for a really long time, haha.

    Jeez, I've only got about 3 lol. It's going to be like the other shiny Pokémon in the meantime until they up its chances of spawning. I'm still wondering why they never released shiny variants for every Pokémon since the code has been in the game's master file for awhile now and the sprites are there too I think. You have a Wailord yet? If not, how close are you? Also, I feel like I've asked this before but what level are you now? And for the past week or something, the stupid hazardous weather alert has been nonstop here for in game. I think spawns are decreased whenever that message pops up, but hopefully it's gone when you're here. I still need to catch myself a Rayquaza. XD
  9. DeRozan
    02-11-2018 12:54 AM
    This is why I'm glad I never bothered applying to ivy league schools lol, since it would be more expensive and not something I can afford, especially considering there's no OSAP since that's specific to Ontario LOL. And oh, is that how it works? That's pretty cool, I didn't know that. That's probably a lot of pressure for those top 200 to keep playing. I wonder how often new players achieve Challenger rank and how many get demoted to Masters, and how many swaps there are in even just a day. Those close to being promoted probably want to play as much as they can to get there, but it's probably super frustrating to lose a ranked match when you're all the way there.

    Oh sweet, that's pretty awesome dude. I'm guessing in the short overlay you have when you come here, you're going to be spending it with her in Montreal? And lmao, I feel you dude. I had planned on looking in the summer myself if any place is willing to take me, but then again, I'm taking at least 2 summer courses (currently have my eyes set on 4 though, making my schedule 5 days a week, rip) so I probably won't have time for it. I'm only in second year though, and I know most people try to work at the end of their third year for either just the summer or take a personal education year and then finish up after that to make the job search after graduation easier. I'm still not sure what I want to do just yet, but for an internship I'll take basically anything since my resumé is awful so I'd be lucky if anyone even wants me. XD Experience is everything, and if I can land any sort of job at the end of third year then that'll ease my nerves quite a bit after graduating. If I'm being honest though, working for like 40 years of my life is kinda terrifying. I'd kind of rather stay in school for as long as I can to delay it as much as I can LOL.

    Procrastination is such a problem even for me lol. Since dropping down to 3 courses, I haven't been doing anything lmfao. The last time I touched my books when I didn't have an upcoming midterm was almost 4 weeks ago lol. There's just no motivation when there aren't any deadlines creeping up, so I've been feeling pretty lazy. It's just a slump though and I'll eventually break out of it, but that won't completely abolish my procrastination problem. :p And yeah dude it's the same here, interest isn't applied on loans until after graduating, and even then, if you're struggling to find a job, then you can defer paying back your loans until you're on your feet and have a job that pays at least $20-25k a year I think. Some people I've met here are taking 5 courses and working a part time job, and I'm not sure how they do it honestly. Those people have my respect since I don't think I'd be able to handle that. When I was taking 6 courses, I'd usually just sleep for as much as I can before I had to get up and do something for school. I feel like taking 6 courses is probably equivalent to a part time job and taking 5 courses if the job is only ~10 hours a week, since that's roughly how much time I was told you should spend on a course weekly, including lecture/tutorial time (3 hours in class, 1 or 2 hours in tutorial, and the rest on office hours or self studying). Idk for now, but I might eventually be able to handle the workload if half of them are bird courses lol, and eventually in higher years I might be able to do it. I'm too naive atm.

    Oh dude I heard Swablu is this wave's shiny variant. Have you encountered a shiny Swablu or Altaria yet? I find having to evolve it with 400 candies is kinda ridiculous since it wasn't really special in the main series games and Altaria is alright, not even that strong. And lmao I'm so behind man. I've barely caught anything. I really slowed down a lot since last summer. I just open my game randomly throughout the day to see if there's a Pokemon outside my house and then close the game. And for the past few months I'd go out once day to catch the legendary raid boss. I will get to it eventually. XD I usually play when it's nice and warm out, and sometimes when I'm at school since there's a truck load of PokéStops there until my potato phone battery dies. No promises about the snow! It's been a pain in the ass this past week lol.
  10. DeRozan
    02-10-2018 07:21 PM
    Yeah I heard something like that too. I think a lot of people who don't do well on the IELTS take the makeup course(s) over the summer before starting their first year, but that's only a handful of people. University is a business man, the reason they're allowed to take a course after failing is because their tuition is a lot higher than domestic students. :p Have you bought your ticket yet, and if so, which day will you be leaving for here? Woo, gogoogo! You've got some momentum going your way, now take that all the way to Challenger. I am curious though, just how hard is it to climb from Masters to Challenger anyway lol?

    Have you had/are you in a long distance relationship? And if you don't mind sharing, do you think it works or is it a difficult path to follow? I agree entirely, it's the same reason why I stopped caring for the perfect 4.0 GPA. Once you find your first real job, getting every subsequent one (assuming you plan on changing places) becomes so much easier. Internships and stuff help, but they still don't count as a first real job. It's all about building your resumé, and stating your GPA on there isn't even necessary unless an employer requires it/asks you during the interview. Even then, if your cGPA isn't as high as you'd like, you can explain to them why it was low in certain years or why you didn't do so well in some courses, and eventually someone will take you. Have you done any coops or internships or even any side projects?

    That's how I convinced myself to take fewer courses. It'll make everything easier for me and I'll have a lot more time to either dedicate towards my courses, or just to spend on myself doing whatever. I've only completed 4 courses at once at most, never any more than that because I always drop from 6 to 4, with the exception of this semester since I'm only in 3. One of the only downfalls of taking fewer courses and doing summer school is that it costs more so that's just more debt you'll have to pay back. I haven't had a 'real' job outside working at my mom's restaurant so I don't have any savings, and my entire tuition is paid by OSAP with a mix of grants and loans. My parents never had an RESP or any sort of savings for my education, so the burden of having to pay it back is definitely something that's crossed my mind a whole bunch of times. It's all good though, fewer courses -> less stress -> more free time -> overall better mental health; I'm sure I'll figure out some way to pay back all the debt I've accumulated. How did your midterms go by the way?

    Yeah, the last wave of Pokémon are finally out! I only caught Swablu and that was because I opened the game at home and it just happened to be sitting there lol. I'll have an opportunity to catch some more on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, but I'm stuck at home until then lol. There's also a shit ton of snow here so the roads are pretty bad and I can't really go raiding until that clears up. Nice catches! Does the Bagon have 15 attack? Have you caught any other new Pokémon?

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