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  1. DeRozan
    06-15-2018 02:29 AM
    just reading that made me hungry lol fk ;-; i've been on a new diet lately so i've been making healthier choices and the one thing i miss a lot if fkn chinese food LOL, especially the ones you guys have. a typical combo that comes with some sort of rice or noodles and typically 2 meat dishes. XD what would you say is your personal favourite combo if you eat at all from there?

    74 is a pass in my book looool. today was my last day in class so now it's just the exam i have but that's over a week away so i got plenty of time to fk around and procrastinate. XD i need to up my grades too man, i need those marks you've been getting. a 90 is like... like... owait idk what that feels like LOL. good shit man, congrats on the nice assignment marks and hopefully the others went well (if you've had any in the past few days :^)) when's your final?

    idc that much about mew but celebi i really like so an ar shot for that is a must lol. hopefully they make it so that it's easy to aggravate it to attack and it doesn't go invisible so it's not too much work to get a nice shot of it lol. my mew had 15 hp and def, didn't check its ivs yet (been lazy LOL) but i feel u since my mew's attack was its worst as well as your mewtwo XD. congrats on the shiny fishies! i still havent done a kyogre raid lol, and still desperately looking for a shiny magikarp :'(

    on the flip side tho shiny larvitar tomorrow wooooo! you book off work? and if so, plan on going pokemon hunting with friends or by yourself? my routine is to go with a friend and we go get bubble tea after LOL
  2. DeRozan
    06-10-2018 12:29 AM
    Oooh wow that sounds so good lmao, and I just had Chinese today. XD Off the top of your head what are the price ranges for said combos? :p

    I really hope it's during Go Fest lmao. Or maybe they'll wait for Pokémon's yearly celebration where they age by another year. XD Well I got my midterm back and it was a 74 LOL but hey glad to know I can roughly ballpark the grade I get. :^), think the class average was 63 though gg. Good luck with your assignments d00d, try to gather as many marks as you can before the final annihilates everyone lol

    bro i finally did it and finished the mew quest. my phone was being weird and every time i went to take a picture it wouldn't let me take a picture of mew after 3 separate times of trying so i was like fk this and just caught it lmao. and yeah, rip adventure week, i didn't get aron/kabuto/omanyte/aerodactyl lol. but on the bright side shiny kyogre hype!! ooh congrats on mewtwo! you never told me but that's good to hear. i still need one myself lol it'll happen one day :') good ivs?
  3. DeRozan
    06-04-2018 12:59 AM
    my friend told me people have a WhatsApp group that they use to organize raids too but I don't have that shit LOL. and as for the food oh man I love basically anything lmfao, especially at a chinese restaurant. legit you name any chicken/beef/pork dish and I'll try it LOL. when you order combos is it like two gravy dishes + rice and a choice of soup/spring or egg roll/pop? that's usually the type of combos I see here :^)

    can't wait for celebi man. you think they'll release the special quest version for it during/after Go Fest this year? and midterm was ok LOL I prob got around average I'd say (which is like a mid/high 60 or low 70 bc y'know uoft standards XDDDDD), it was comprised of 10 MC, 5 definitions (about a paragraph each or 4-5 sentences) and an essay all in only 2 hours so my hand was dead lmfao. ooooh damn diggity that's hefty af bro, 6 assignments and a final that's brutal as shit lol. the highest weighted exam for me was like 64% and this was just this past winter semester lmao, barely passed the class but a pass is a pass :') good luck to you on your assignments & exam! how many assignments have you done so far?

    same for garchomp that shit is dope man. and damn, i wish i knew about that LOL i would've went so try-hard at school for those specific field research tasks but i fked up lol. i got that field research task two days ago but it wasn't a shiny so rip. :p i also did 2 ho-oh raids today (mew quest at 9/10 for raids now!!!) but no shiny and didn't get latias yet either LOL, but i don't mind too much since it'll prob be available as a monthly field research breakthrough haha. and yeah dude, that derpy ass fkn alolan exeggutor, troll af. you catch any? i only got like 2 and then stopped lmfao
  4. DeRozan
    05-30-2018 09:41 PM
    people here are old school and prefer to organize shit through facebook lol, it's so stupid. plus the admin of the fb group is a b!tch lol she's so damn picky and has basically repelled a good portion of the players out of the group, those said players now have a whatsapp group i think, lmao. ayy lmao, which combo you treating to my dude? what comes in it? :^)

    LOL same, no idea there was any increased catch rate for curveballs. i read how i could catch articuno and friends easier because i missed like 7 in a row and then i saw a few youtube videos saying throw curveballs lol, and now here i am. XD go get that AR shot man I'm dying to see it! I'm really hyped for if/when Celebi comes out because I don't think there'd be a better place than a forest for an AR shot of it lol. if anything I'm looking forward to that one much more than I am for Mew aha. and sameee, been busy myself. had my first summer midterm yesterday lol, how are your summer classes?

    woah i totally forgot about your perfect iv dragonite lol, good shit my man. well with Pokemon Go all that matters is their attack stat really, and i can't remember off the top of my head but garchomp has a monstrous attack. nothing compared to Rampardos though. :p and wait, wtf? shiny aerodactyl? what's adventure week quest? LOL
  5. DeRozan
    05-28-2018 03:09 PM
    I want to but god damn I've been lazy + there are hardly any raids near me lol, feels bad. This is mostly due to the trackers being ripperino since they were primarily how I organized raids in a Facebook group. Pokemon Go in a rural area is pretty ass loool. Time to move to NS fam, see ya there. be sure to treat me to your fam's restaurant once I'm there :^)

    tell me about it lol, I've been throwing curveballs since like two weeks after the game first launched lol. I still remember being so shit at them and not even being able to hit the Pokemon I wanted to catch lmao. Some people I've seen raiding around me still can't throw them so they resort to just dragging their finger up on the screen lol. How many times have you tried seriously taking a good ar shot of mew? and which places have you been to? i'd be disappointed if I went to the forest near my house and i spend like 2 hours trying to take a nice shot (to no avail) and then my phone battery dies LOL

    wow lol, can't believe you evolved them XD did they at least have good IVs? i feel like with the new dragons such as Salamence and upcoming 4th gen dragons Dragonite is gonna be severely outclassed lol, that's why i don't mind only having the two I have (I think two?). plus the green colour on it doesn't really intrigue me lol
  6. DeRozan
    05-26-2018 02:20 PM
    if you raid hard enough if it ever comes back i'm sure you'll get it. i just got really lucky with mine lol. haven't raided latias yet nor ho-oh LOL I gotta get on that soon, wish there were more raids near me, and that the trackers still worked. ;-; that's contrary to what i've been hearing -- usually if it's a small city, there are basically no gyms or stops LOL, that's good to hear they're still available to you. :p and ayy, i've got school on tues and thurs too. XD

    wow look at this pro right here, throwing excellents 20% of the time. if there was a pokemon go competition for who could throw the most excellents in a certain number of catches be sure to sign up!! and dude i've thrown some wack-ass excellent throws myself lmao, i've even hit them on shit like magnemite and zubat as well as rattata LOL. oh ok that makes sense, i'll be sure to do that. you end up taking a nice ar shot with the mew? and if so, send it to me on discord or something lol i wanna see it fam

    good shit man. i don't really have anything planned at that time (or, really, at all in the future lmao) so i'll be sure to go out and get me a bunch. the goal is to get hopefully 2 of each in the family. :^)
  7. DeRozan
    05-24-2018 11:53 PM
    glad to hear it man, it makes up somewhat for you missing out on lugia so the pokemon go gods have blessed you with a majestic and powerful ho-oh :^) how many ho-oh you plan on going for? normally I just wanted to get 3 of each legendary but that stopped after the very first ones came out a long time ago LOL so now I just settle for 1 because there aren't many raids near me. 5 for 5, damn, nice. i think i only ended up getting 1 ho-oh while it was out and it was close to a 0 LOL

    ayy, good for him, the ghost types should be pretty easy to get, at least compared to ditto. :p and that was quick lol. how often/easily can you throw excellent curve throws? and yeah dude i feel you. i got a forest near my house about 20 minute walk away so i'll probably go there on a nice day to catch mew and take an AR shot. but now that i think about it, that place might be better for celebi lol. btw, i heard mew is like... invisible when you try to catch it, so how do you even take a proper AR shot?

    same here man, it's gonna be so sick having a shiny tyranitar!! and yep, heard the special move got leaked lol. as if tyranitar wasn't busted enough, this is just giving the pseudo-legendary another excuse to be even stronger than it already is. don't forget to book work off and plan for it ahead so you can stay out to catch them and get yourself at least the family
  8. DeRozan
    05-23-2018 11:31 PM
    holy shit dude LOL congrats!! that's actually so awesome man, your first Ho-Oh raid and it happens to be perfect IVs and a freaking shiny lol. it really doesn't get any better than that. :^) I'd probably be shitting my pants if that happened to me lmao, it's such a majestic legendary and definitely one I'd love to have. I've still been meaning to do the Ho-Oh raids just so I can cop a shiny too LOL, any idea when the Ho-Oh go away? and of course dude, I'd power it up too :D what makes this catch even sweeter is that Ho-Oh is actually one of the best fire type attackers (if not the best) in the game and the fact that you have your specific one is just... lol, damn. XD

    wow what a pleb lol I would've said screw Ho-Oh there'll be plenty more opportunities for it if he's an active raider and have gone for the Ditto. unless your friend is a reeeeeaally long term thinker where he decided that if he goes for ho-oh now he's maximizing his chances at getting a shiny one and that he'll eventually catch a ditto later on down the line since the mew special quest ain't going anywhere. poor guy though, couldn't have it both ways and even missed a ditto before. :p you done the quests for mew yet?
  9. DeRozan
    05-21-2018 11:24 PM
    trading shiny crapuhita for shiny magikarp/gyarados any takers

    and i feel u, i'd want to get at least 1 or the other between shiny lugia and shiny ho-oh, they're just too good to pass up. i got really lucky with lugia so i have a feeling ho-oh won't be as lucky lol, but i'll still try. and LOL all my shiny charms are trash and i got 10 of them lmfao, i even caught 3 shiny charmanders all at 10 cp and got the whole family to have the worst possible cp lmao. only did it for the memes tho :^) i hope next community day is something cool like bagon or beldum!

    i think i was stuck on the ditto for like a month lol, made me want to give up. i was hoping i'd be able to get it during the event where only kanto pokemon were spawning but that didn't happen, at least it ended up working out for me since i got one at a mall :D and nice nice, family time is always gr8; y'all eat at the famous family restaurant (or restaurant food) after the movie? XD gl with the 10 raids m8!
  10. DeRozan
    05-20-2018 03:34 PM
    ah lol i don't blame ya XD

    damn dude you caught way more than me LOL, i got lucky and got the shiny makuhita around 70 or so. and congrats on latias fam. you tryna catch this shiny ho-oh? and how was community day? you reel in a good haul? :^)

    wow you caught it with go plus lol i'd be so scared that it'd run away if i used mine, but i guess you wouldn't know what's a ditto or not. :p rip to your friend. XD it's been a few days, so have you completed the 10 raids yet? i'm still slacking (slaking) on that fam, too lazy to get them done in a day. D:

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